“Ruda: Ten Remedies,” a play in Anthropoid


Image from Anthropoid website.


A tia gives limpias and embroiders magic. A short play published in late December, “Ruda,” an experimental play inside a litany of remedios.

Many thanks to Melissa Sipin-Gabon for this opportunity.


TÍA: Someone gave you mal de ojo.

CHATA: A cabron. Why?

TÍA: Why else? Because they’re jealous.

CHATA: Of what?

TÍA: Ay mija. Everything. Your godmother especially.

CHATA: (Disappointed, but not surprised) So what do I do?

TÍA: Come. [Tía walks out to her small, raised bed garden. Chata follows as Tía picks rosemary and rue stems. The light outside is bright. They walk back inside.]

We’re gonna pray.

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