Teaching online? Don’t panic. Seriously.

Educators who are going online: this is a must read! Thank you, Icess and Jasmine for these tools.

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

For this morning’s post, I am addressing it to my fellow academics. My fellow friends in arms who have suddenly been told they will have to take their class online.

And they are in panic mode.

So for them, I have thoughts and ideas. Also some advice. So Reader, all of you, if you wanted to read something bookish I will have something soon. I’m working on something from AWP. But for today, let us sooth the panic.

Dear Professors, Instructors, and other Academics who have to put an online class together almost overnight,

Let me start off by saying your panic is warranted. This sucks. OMG! But, trust me when I say this, it will be okay. Completely okay. Some background:

It was 2017 and the fall semester was days away from starting. Off the coast of Texas Hurricane Harvey brewed like a tumor. When it came…

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