Toyoteria: Jaime Muñoz’s Apparitions of Faith

Spring 2021

Check out my essay as tribute to working class art, to those of us who didn’t see ourselves as artists because we had to earn a living otherwise. To those of us who are artists despite what anyone says. Follow @flan_jm Jaime Muñoz to witness all different kinds of apparitions of faith, memory, and beauty. Big thank you to Shizu Saldamando @saldamando who’s Instagram page introduced me to this work! And if you’re looking to write about art in ways that are not generally seen in main stream art criticism, I highly recommend you send a pitch over to Carribean Fragoza at Vicious Ladies, her new arts and culture magazine. Here’s to centering our communities, always. Support the arts and check out the “La Commute” blanket Muñoz collaborated with Fred Segal to produce. Finally, thanks to my brother @jessepaintsnow who helped me with this piece.  #toyota #toyoteria #pomona #construction #rseries #toyotaminitruck #laart #chicanoart

Read the essay here, or visit:

“La Commute” Jaime Muñoz, 2020