LA Times Story: Avenue 50 and other Eastside havens from gentrification

Thrilled to have a first feature in the LA TIMES for their literary issue and praise @avenue50studio 💗. For over twenty years, artists and writers have been supported through shows, book launches and readings. Now @jessica.ceballos @alternativefield offers publishing, advice and partnerships across LA. Like Jessica said, Poets think about problems differently. Literature and the arts are by and for everyone.
Shout outs here include @blackmanofhappiness @gloriaenedinalvarez @saenzwriter and La Palabra reading series. Read the story here.

Kathy Gallegos outside of Ave 50 Studios. Photo: Gina Ferazzi, LA Times

Writing (US)Americ(k)a(s) with Aja Couchois Duncan, Hugo García Manríquez, Jen Hofer, y Amarnath Ravva

ave 50 reading october 15.png

Avenue 50 Studio together with Writ Large Press and
and Litmus Press present:

Writing (US)Americ(k)a(s)

October 15th | 8pm
at Avenue 50 Studio
131 N Avenue 50 | Highland Park CA 90042

Litmus Press, in celebration of two recent releases—Restless Continent by Aja Couchois Duncan and Anti-Humboldt by Hugo García Manríquez—is curating a number of readings around writing (us)americ(k)a(s).
Aja Couchois Duncan
Hugo García Manríquez
Jen Hofer
Amarnath Ravva
Vickie Vértiz

The country is a fiction, a narrative of legalese, piety, and slaughter.
The country is a positioning, its geographic bounty.
The country is a fingering of continents, a cordillera stitching the western expanse.
The country is the slip of skin on which we write ourselves: the warriors and wounded, the chained and transported, the subsequent generations of, those who cling to its mythos as if a sail.